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What reasons are there for a return?

  • If, within 15 calendar days from the receipt of the order, you want to return it.
  • If the product is in-warranty.0
  • If the product is defective.
  • If the product you received has damage caused by transport.

How to process a return or handle a warranty?

Go to “Returns” and adds references to back by selecting the original order where it was acquired.

Waiting to be admitted to continue with the following steps.


Saves the complete product, with its box and original accessories, in a sturdy box or in which you received the order.


If you are a physical store in the peninsula of Spain or Portugal, we will collect your package.

If you are Tuppersex, or another sector, deposit it in the nearest post office to your home.

If your Physical store is the Canary islands , Ceuta, Melilla or any part of Europe, waiting to receive instructions.


After you have been approved, you will receive the refund in your account balance Wallet to use on your next order and at the same time if you wish, you can send a mail to: [email protected] in order that the balance be transferred to your bank account. Lovetoysex, offers a simple, fast and effective for the management of your warranties.

For what reasons can I return a product?

The product is defective

In which case, it would be a product in warranty.

Does not meet with your expectations

The product does not meet your expectations and you want to return it for you to process a payment.


The product was damaged in transport.

More information on returns

What is the time limit for returns?

Who pays the shipping costs when making a return?

How long does it take to make the money back?

How do I return the money?

How do I return two or more articles of the same or different orders?

Are there items that cannot be returned?

Can I make a change?

What is the term for the processing of the warranty of a product?

The product warranty is 2 years for new items and 1 year for items on sale or purchased at Outlet. Although it will depend on the policy of each manufacturer. The warranty starts from the date of invoice. In Lovetoysex we have warranty seal not detectable with a code assigned to the product that allows you to identify the date sent, must match with the information provided by you.

Who pays the shipping costs?

Lovetoysex takes care of everything and will pay the cost of return and will be processed to credit the product in your account balances.

If you reside in Ceuta, the Canary islands or Melilla, you will have to send a mail to [email protected] with your data, we will pay the total amount in your account balances.

How long is the warranty?

Generally, the term for managing the warranty is 1 to 5 working days, however, we will always do everything possible to speed up the process.

Do all products that become defective within the 2 years warranty?

Do all products that become defective within the 2 years warranty?

The products have a warranty of 2 years, but each manufacturer reserves the right to modify its policies for warranties.

The warranty period shall not apply in the case of failures or defects caused by accident, neglect or misuse of the product by the customer. In addition, the manipulation or variation of any product, wiring, adding components, flooring or any course will void the warranty automatically.

Do I have to save the original packaging?

Since the articles of intimate hygiene, it is imperative to send the item in its original packaging, keep the product in its original packaging and in turn in another box. So ira protected in transport. It is also necessary that you include all the accessories.

I got a package tampered with or with a blow

In some occasions, much to our dismay, a packet suffers a damage during the transport and that it affects the items inside. If you've found your package damaged or with signs of tampering and the product which leads are affected, in Lovetoysex we will provide a solution to that right away.

We ask you to please manage a return indicating the reason “The product or your order has arrived damaged/tampered with” and we'll take care of everything.

Keep in mind that you can a cardboard box be a blow, but the products inside are perfect. The reason of exist of the packaging is just to protect the products, so it is advisable that you open the box with care and check if the content is perfect. If there is physical damage, there is no reason to declare an incident of transportation.

Normally, you do not ask for photographs of the state in which you received the package, but you can do them for if at any time it helps to have them.

On the other hand, if there is no physical damage, but then you find that a product does not work as it should, it is necessary for the warranty for it arranges the return with the reason “The product or your order has arrived damaged/tampered with”.

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