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Our logistics centers located in United State of America and Spain. Delivery will be made on the estimated dates indicated. In case of not receiving a package within the given deadline, an investigation will be carried out along with the carrier that could last several days (the approximate time is fourteen (14) days). During this period, you cannot make any transmission or refund of the order.

We advise that upon receipt of your package, you verify that everything is in accordance with your order and that the package package is in perfect condition, after a booking signature, and indicate on the carrier delivery note, if any anomaly is found when you receive it. When opening the package, if you find that the delivered items are not in compliance with your order or are damaged, please contact our Customer Service. Products delivered by suppliers do not facilitate the process of installing and operating the products.

All delivery times published on the web are estimated, and therefore the consumer customer, to accept that circumstance.

The currency used as a base; to calculate the cost of transport will be the EURO (€).

Also, we inform you that you can check in your account (My Account > Order History) the logistics of your order information.

List of countries we serve.

Country Carrier Shipping Cost
España/Península NACEX 4.90€
España/Península MRW 8.90€
España/Baleares SEUR 6.90€ 
España/Canarias CORREO CANARIAS 9.90€ 
Portugal NACEX 4.90€
Andorra SEUR 7.90€  
Bélgica DHL 24H 12.90€
Germany DHL 24H 12.90€
Austria DHL 24H 12.90€
Francia DHL 24H 12.90€
Italy DHL 24H 12.90€
Luxembourg DHL 24H 12.90€
Netherlands DHL 24H 12.90€
United Kingdom DHL 24H 12.90€
Poland DHL 24H 12.90€
Denmark DHL 24H 12.90€
Slovakia DHL 24H 12.90€
Estonia DHL 24H 12.90€
Latvia DHL 24H 12.90€
Lithuania DHL 24H 12.90€
Hungary DHL 24H 12.90€
Slovenia DHL 24H 12.90€
Finland DHL 24H 12.90€
Greece DHL 24H 12.90€
Czech Republic DHL 24H 12.90€
Sweden DHL 24H 12.90€
Romania DHL 24H 12.90€
Croatia DHL 24H 12.90€
Cyprus DHL 24H 12.90€
Malta DHL 24H 12.90€
Bulgaria DHL 24H 12.90€
Suiza DHL 24H 16.90€
Norway DHL 24H 16.90€
Iceland DHL 24H 16.90€
Liechtenstein DHL 24H 16.90€
Moldova DHL 24H 16.90€
San Marino DHL 24H 16.90€
Ukraine DHL 24H 16.90€
United States of America DHL 48-72H 16.90€
Bolivia DHL 2-5D 34.90€
Argentina DHL 2-5D 34.90€
Brazil DHL 2-5D 34.90€
Chile DHL 2-5D 34.90€
Colombia DHL 2-5D 34.90€
Ecuador DHL 2-5D 34.90€
El Salvador DHL 2-5D 34.90€
Guatemala DHL 2-5D 34.90€
Honduras DHL 2-5D 34.90€
Mexico DHL 2-5D 34.90€
Panama DHL 2-5D 34.90€
Puerto Rico DHL 2-5D 34.90€
Uruguay DHL 2-5D 34.90€
Venezuela DHL 2-5D 34.90€

Estimated delivery time

The delivery time is expressed in working days.

SEUR: Delivery of 24 to 48 hours.

MRW: Delivery in 24 hours. Available Saturday delivery.

NACEX: Delivery in 24 hours.

DHL 24H: Delivery within 24 hours.

DHL 48-72H: Delivery from 48 to 72 hours.

DHL 2-5D: Delivery of 2 to 5 days.

CORREO CANARIAS: Delivery of 5 to 10 days.

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